Why FWB?



What is Fulfillment?

A Division of HAVE, Inc.
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Why FulfillmentWarehouse.biz?

"We donít just stick stuff in a box and slap a label on it."

Although that answer may seem flippant, it's an idea we take seriously at FulfillmentWarehouse.biz. We know that every order is critical to you, and that makes it critical to us as well. So we take the time to make sure your products are handled carefully, packed well, shipped on time, and tracked appropriately. We don't stop there, either. Here are just some of the ways FulfillmentWarehouse.biz stands out:

Intelligent Automation:

We do pick, pack and ship. But what makes us different from other mid-sized houses is our ability to intelligently automate your fulfillment function and report to your desktop, effectively, efficiently, and affordably, utilizing our proprietary fulfillment software, AUDREY® and iFAST®.

Inventory Control:

Our own database software, AUDREY, helps you control your inventory at levels that you set so products arrive "just in time." For our clients outside vendors, AUDREY can automatically email a PO to bring new inventory into our fulfillment warehouses, when inventory reaches levels that you determine. For our multimedia clients, AUDREY sends an internal purchase order to HAVE, to manufacture and replenish your inventory as you have proscribed in the database, before your inventory depletes.

Reporting, Live and Fast:

We provide accurate, live reporting via iFAST: our friendly, web-based interface that connects your terminal to AUDREY, our central database. Real time information lets you watch your orders flow into our system and your products ship out to your customers. A full range of reports informs your marketing, sales and finance teams, and keeps them out of the dark. Easy-to-navigate LiveíNíLink QuickViews provide wide-angle vantage points within reports, so complex information is made conveniently available and understandable.

We can do it all, with great flexibility:

Our many publishers, filmmakers, record labels, educators, corporations, crafters, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and independent clients, appreciate the flexibility of AUDREY and iFASTís order processing capabilities. And because weíre a manufacturer who uses AUDREY ourselves, we bring years of experience to its design. We can set up your e-commerce website from scratch; we can take your customers orders, clear and process credit card payments, and ship your products efficiently, effectively, and on time to your end users, dealers or distributors.

The Personal Touch:

This may be one of the most important differences between us and other fulfillment houses. When there is a question, you get someone on the phone who really knows your account and who will effectively get your answer. You won't be transferred to a generic call center and forced to talk to someone with a checklist instead of real knowledge.

Just give us call. You wonít be disappointed! 1-888-999-4283